Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

The Bushnell 6x50mm Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular is one of the most popular night vision monoculars on the market. Therefore, it was obvious for us that we had to get one and put the monoculars to the test. Read our Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Review to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of the monoculars.

The Bushnell 6x50mm Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular works with an CMOS sensor that captures small amounts of infrared light and amplifies them. As opposed to conventional night vision devices, it doesn’t use a Photocathode tube to amplify light. Therefore, it can’t be categorized into a generation of night vision devices. However, the range and image quality would put the monocular somewhere between a gen 1 and gen 2 night vision device. At the price of the Bushnell Equinox Z, that is a great deal.

Thanks to its IR-emittor and the 6x magnification function, it provides a great image quality for items up to 1,000 feet away (300m) in good weather conditions. We also took the device out early morning on a foggy and rainy day and didn’t have any issues seeing game at a distance of over 400 feet. Thanks to the water-proof casing, usage in adverse weather conditions is unproblematic. We got quite some heavy rain on it and touched the monocular with wet gloves and didn’t encounter any functionality issues. In addition to the 6x amplification, the screen provides and additional 3x digital zoom to get even closer to the object.

In addition to viewing, the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular allows video recording with or without sound as well as still pictures in 640×480 high-quality resolution. The data is stored on a mini SD card. The device is compatible with cards up to 32GB. You can quickly switch between the video and the photo mode with a single button. This is a great feature for this night vision monocular. For our test, we shot some great night-vision movie clips from one of our night-time paintball games.

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular, 6 x 50mm
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Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular, 6 x 50mm
  • Digital Night Vision monocular with 6x magnification, 1-3x digital zoom and a 50mm objective lens
  • Day or nighttime use (Daytime color with IR off); built in Infrared Illuminator for long distance viewing up to a 1000 ft. viewing distance
  • Multicoated glass objectives produces outstanding optical clarity; Picatinny style rail for accessory mounting
  • Video out capability; video recording and image capture using up to 32GB Micro SD Card (sold separately). Recoil tested to 350 g
  • Rugged water-resistant housing; tripod mountable; operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)

The device also comes with a convenient USB port. That means that you don’t have to remove the SD card from the device to upload the files to your computer. The device also offers an RCA video-out port that makes it possible to send live video to an external screen.

In our tests, we were really satisfied with the battery life and it easily lasted through several extended testing activities. It runs with 4 standard AA batteries that can be easily replaced.

At a weight of less than 30 ounces (800g), we didn’t feel like we were weighed down while using it. It easily fits in a pouch or pocket and can easily be carried around.

A great and strong-point of the monocular is that it can also be used for daytime filming and viewing by turning the infrared light source off.

There were only two minor downsides during our tests. Firstly, we thought the controls of the monocular weren’t really self-explanatory and we had to consult the user manual to figure out some of the more advanced features. But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Secondly, and this can be a more important factor, the monocular is optimized for long-range viewing. While it does at great job at that, it doesn’t work well at a range of less than 100 feet (30m). If you intend to use the nightvision monocular for hunting or game viewing, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you want to use it for an active sport, like paintball, you might face some problems at lower ranges. In this case, it should be supported with a hands-free night vision device for the short-range. It’s superior performance on the long-range still makes it a great equipment for paintball games as it will give you an advantage over other players with normal binoculars who will have issues seeing beyond 100 feet.

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular Product Features

The Bushnell 6x50mm Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular is comes with the following features:

  • A 6x optical magnification and an optical zoom of up to 3x
  • An objective lens of 50mm
  • The built-in IR-illuminator allows viewing of up to 1,000 feet (300m)
  • Supports day- and night-time viewing
  • Amazing optical clarity thanks to the multicoated glass objective
  • Allows recording of video and sound as well as images
  • Comes with a waterproof and robust exterior
  • Operates with 4 AA batteries

Final verdict

In addition to our own tests, where the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular has absolutely convinced, we looked at user reviews on amazon to get a better overview. Overall, it has a rating for 4.0 out 5 stars – that is quite amazing for a night vision moncular.

Its strong points are the great performance and range at an amazing price. Obviously, the image quality cannot compete with military-grade night vision devices that come at prices up to 10 times higher. Yet, the Equinox is an absolutely powerful device and a great deal at its price range. From our side, we can absolutely recommend the product.