EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles Review

With these Eyeclops night vision infrared googles one can simply own the night. One of the extremely exciting features of this product is that these goggles are basically powered by real night vision technology which gives you the actual feel of the super-secret spy forces. This invisible infrared simply lights up in the night so that one can easily see up to 20 feet even in the absolute dark. These goggles basically have two modes one is “long range” mode for recon missions and the other is the “stealth mode” for close proximity observations in the case of urgent need. These googles simply block out the exterior interference of the light and simply focuses on the object in order to receive a perfectly clear object.

You can also switch between military and the spy mode according to your own needs. Basically these kinds of googles are perfect for most of the missions like for covert backyard recon missions, secret night time surveillance and also for clandestine spy work.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
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EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles
  • Eyeclops night vision provides kids young and old with an authentic night vision experience like never before
  • Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology
  • Conduct covert operations in your backyard, investigate nocturnal activities in your house and take games like hide and seek to a whole new level
  • See up to 50' in complete darkness
  • Eyeclops night vision lets you see in complete darkness


These googles have multiple features and some of them are as follows:

  1. One can easily see up to 20 feet and will experience an authentic night vision like never before.
  2. It has powered with an infra-red driven night technology which is the latest technology in terms of the performance.
  3. It has a maximum capacity to see the things up to 50 feet in absolute darkness.
  4. It helps anyone in a number of operational missions and can take the games like hide and seek to a completely different level.
  5. Availability of different modes according to your needs.
  6. It has a red LEDs light that can be turned on and off for the stealth or surveillance operations.
  7. The product also uses a soft rubber that gives you a secure and comfort fit to be used in every condition.


This product is basically recommended for the age of 8 years and up. It has dimensions of 7*10*12 inches with a shipping weight of only 3 pounds. One can easily purchase this product online through the amazon website that comes with a price tag of $214.30.


As far as the reliability of the product is concerned it is an extremely durable product that lets anyone to see clearly up to a maximum of 50 feet in the dark. Its set up is easy to use and requires 5 AAA batteries.


This product is extremely necessary when it comes to security, whether it is covert operations or spying your enemies it covers all the aspects of your security. It uses the latest technology of infra-red technology so one can rely on its trustworthiness.


  • It has good visibility even in complete darkness.
  • Has an excellent built quality that uses a soft rubber for adjusting the goggles.
  • With these googles, all the articles will look like as an authentic article.


  • They freak out the babies sometimes.
  • Display screen is not up to the mark.


The eyeclops Night vision googles are very much cool more than you did expect from it. In a nutshell, this product is an ultimate choice for the older kids that will keep them entertained for much longer hours.