If you’ve ever watched an action, war, or spy movie, chances are you are familiar with night vision goggles. At the very least, most people understand the basic concept of night vision goggles. That it’s generally understood that these special goggles give one the ability to see in the dark. But, did you know that there are several different types of night vision goggles? Indeed, this special equipment varies widely in use, design, price, and availability. For example, military-grade night vision technology carries an astronomically-high price tag, making it unavailable to the masses. The differences in the various types of night vision goggles stem from the multiple ways in which they are intended to be used. It goes without saying that the technology used by the military isn’t the same as you’d find in your child’s night vision toys.

However, the world of night vision technology is more complex than this. Because of rapidly-advancing technology, night vision capabilities have increased dramatically since the conception of night vision goggles around the start of WWII. Furthermore, because night vision goggles are produced and sold by private companies, all night vision technology may be found available to the general public-even if most of it is too expensive to be widely bought outside of the military. Additionally, different grades of night vision technology rely on different methods to enhance one’s ability to see in the dark. In order to find out more about night vision technology, including price, types, and how it works, keep reading below!

How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

Have you ever wondered how night vision goggles work? There’s no denying that night vision technology has captured the imaginations of people everywhere. From children who pretend to be spies to real spies and military heroes, night vision technology pervades the minds and the lives of millions of people worldwide. Developed a little before World War II, night vision technology enhances one’s ability to see in the dark, making them not only great fun, but highly advantageous in combat scenarios. However, despite millions of people worldwide being intrigued by night vision technology, not many people understand the intricacies of how it works. So, how exactly do night vision goggles work?

It’s important to note that there are two different kinds of night vision technology, and they rely on different approaches in order to allow one to see in the dark. The most common form of night vision goggles does exactly what you would expect enhances an image so that you can see more clearly. You may be wondering how it does this if it’s dark outside. In order to understand this, it’s important to also understand a little about how light works. We can only see light that is visible to us; however, there are other forms of light that we can’t see. Most people are familiar with ultraviolet light because of its effects on the human body, but there is another type of invisible light called infrared. No matter where we are or how dark it is, there is always light – even if we can’t see it. Night vision goggles that use image-enhancing technology take this light and clear an image so that we can see it.

The second type of night vision goggles allows you to see heat waves – this is ideal for those trying to see living creatures, including human beings. This type of night vision goggles is primarily found in the military.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of night vision goggles varies greatly. While there are plenty of night vision goggles that are readily available to the general public, other, more advanced, technology can come with a price tag so hefty that ordinary citizens are unable to buy it. Because of this, one must understand that the price of night vision goggles exists on a very wide spectrum. Due to the varying levels of sophistication and different purposes of existing brands of night vision goggles, the market for these items boasts quite a range of prices and options. Understanding your needs and your budget can help you buy the night vision goggles you want.

The low end of the price spectrum clocks in at under ten dollars. Yes, UNDER ten dollars! Cheaper goggles may commonly be given as a birthday present or toy to a small child who wishes to fantasize that they are the next James Bond. Because these toys need not be very sophisticated, the price is generally very low.

However, for industrial and military-grade night vision technology, one can expect to pay nearly $20,000 dollars or more for quality equipment. Though several great night vision goggles exist for a much cheaper price, this military-grade class of night vision goggles boast world-class software and techniques. Because of this, the overall effectiveness of the goggles is much higher than for ordinary purposes. And, while it must be noted that all night vision goggles are produced and sold by private firms, the high prices associated with quality goggles makes such technology almost completely unavailable to the public. The good news is that due to the having a price range of under ten to nearly twenty thousand dollars, there’s always a pair of night vision goggles to fit your budget!

What Are Night Vision Binoculars?

Night vision binoculars are binoculars that allow one to see in the dark. When we think of binoculars, we typically think of something that allows us to see something that is far away. This is because binoculars take distant objects and make them appear closer, giving us a clearer view of what we are trying to see. Night vision goggles are similar, but they differ in that they are designed to allow one to see in the dark. In many cases, “seeing” with night vision binoculars isn’t what we typically think of seeing, particularly with infrared night vision binoculars.

These special pieces of eye wear have multiple different functions and uses. While most of us associate night vision binoculars with spies and the military, they can be used for other, more mundane purposes as well. For example, children who like to play pretend may use cheap versions of night vision binoculars to live out their fantasies. Adults who go hunting may use more sophisticated night vision technology in order to help them search and eliminate prey. And, finally, the military has a large role in the night vision binoculars market, as being able to see in the dark offers great benefits to those in combat and tactical situations. With a vibrant market, filled with various makes and quality brands, night vision binoculars can be a great investment. Understanding the different types and uses of night vision binoculars greatly assists one who is looking to buy night vision technology of their own.

What Are the Best Night Vision Goggles?

With so many different types and brands of night vision goggles, it’s often hard to find the best ones. In large part, however, that is due to how one defines the word “best.” As with many other products, multiple factors can affect the utility of a certain pair of night vision goggles. In other words, what one values as the best pair of goggles may be considered inferior by others. Because of shifting standards, it’s difficult to say what the “best” pair of night vision goggles truly is. However, if one takes the best pair to be one that allows one to see other objects from a greater distant, with less light, and with more clarity, then there are several options. With brands such as Luna Optics and Yukon, the market for night vision goggles boasts many respected names and businesses.

It must be noted, however, that even within brands, there are varying levels of quality among devices. This is true with nearly every good within every company. And, like all other products, the higher the quality of night vision goggles, the more expensive it is for one to own it.

There are three grades of night vision goggles: generation one, generation two, and generation three. While based on range, clarity, and other technical factors generation three is the undisputed champion, goggles within this category prove too expensive for the general public to buy them. Among common night vision goggle brands, trusted names such as Yukon and EOTech reign supreme.

Where Do You Get Night Vision Goggles?

Though it may come as a surprise to many people, there is a rather large market for night vision goggles. Because of this, one can expect to be able to find these special goggles for sale in a variety of places. However, due to the nature and sophistication of the technology, you probably won’t find advanced night vision goggles at your local Walmart. Where, then, should you look? The good news is that you can find and purchase night vision goggles very easily.

The most important thing to consider when looking for night vision goggles to buy is the Internet. By going online, users can most certainly find just about any brand of night vision goggles they would like to find. Simple Google searches reveal countless numbers of results for great-quality goggles.

One major site for buying and selling night vision goggles is Amazon. Amazon has become an online giant within the last few years and offers users a wide variety of products. Searching amazon for night vision goggles is certain to bring up a wide variety of results, including night vision goggles from different famous brands. For those who don’t like or don’t have the Internet, there’s good news. Local hunting or hardware stores likely carry some form of night vision goggles. For example, famous hunting stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods advertise and sell multiple brands of night vision goggles.

Because of their popularity, night vision goggles can be found anywhere from your local hardware store to the World Wide Web.

What Kind of Night Vision Goggles Does the Military Use?

Though all forms of night vision goggles are made available to the public, some brands and types of these special goggles are so expensive and so advanced that they fall under a special category: military night vision goggles. While this title can be misleading, as the private firms that produce night vision technology are willing to sell it to anyone who pays enough money, it’s generally true that the average citizen cannot afford very expensive or up-to-date night vision technology. Because of this, more advanced and more expensive technology has become integrally and inextricably linked to the military. This link has given birth to soldier and spy stereotypes, as Hollywood films aggrandize the use of such technology.

In order to define what kind of night vision goggles the military uses, it’s important to list the three different classifications of night vision goggles. Currently, there are three different generations of night vision technology: generations one, two, and three. The third generation is the one that most people tend to associate with the military, and the price of such technology can be astronomically high, reaching in the tens of thousands of dollars. This advanced technology is designed for tactical and combat missions and gives soldiers the ability to see in the dark. Using image-enhancing and infrared technology, this grade of night vision goggles stands above the rest by providing the most accurate and clearest of images, as well as identifying and tracking different heat signatures and people. This wonderfully-advanced technology, immortalized in action and war movies for generations, has become a staple feature of all military combat groups.


In short, there are several different levels, brands, and types of night vision goggles. Of all the various kinds of goggles, generation three goggles associated with the military are likely the ones most people think about when they think of night vision technology. While this technology has an important role in military tactical and combat usages, there are several other reasons for wanting to invest in night vision technology. One other popular reason is for those who wish to hunt, as being able to see in the dark gives them an edge over their prey.

Additionally, the way night vision goggles work depends on what pair and kind of goggles one uses. The most common form of night vision goggles relies on the use of image-enhancing technology to draw all the available light into the picture to help define objects and people. Another method uses the heat signatures of different creatures to help locate one’s surroundings. These two differing approaches to seeing in the dark both have uses, and both have become popular in the field of night vision technology. Since the discovery and development of night vision technology prior to the start of World War II, these two methods have become the two dominant and effective ways of seeing in the dark.

Finally, the cost of night vision goggles exists on a spectrum. This price spectrum correlates to the brand, type, and degree of night vision goggles one wishes to buy. As with all products, the higher the quality of the good, the highest the price can be. Understanding the costs and purposes of night vision goggles assists one in buying and obtaining a pair of them for themselves.